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Adam Sangeorzan, M.D.

Adam Sangeorzan, M.D.Board-Certified Orthopedic SurgeonFoot and Ankle Specialist

Dr. Sangeorzan is an board certified orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in treating conditions of the foot and ankle, including sports injuries, fracture care, deformity, and arthritis. He is passionate about getting his patients back to doing what they love by reducing pain and improving function. Dr. Sangeorzan has received specialty training in minimally invasive treatment of foot and ankle conditions, including Achilles tendon injuries and ankle instability.

Patient Reviews
  • Due to an accident on a Sunday, I ruptured the tendons from the patella to the Quad muscles.

    I was fortunate that Dr Sangorzan was on call that day. Diagnoses at ER clearly recognized t...

  • When I broke/dislocated my ankle on 01/16/2021, I was faced with a dilemma - wait for a surgical consult from my hospital (upwards of 1 week), or ask around and see if I could get in quickly.

  • Broke a clavicle while snowboarding and was recommended to Dr Adam and he was amazing with his approach to things. I got surgery done and it went smooth. His office is very helpful with making appoint...

Areas of Expertise
Sports Injuries

Sports injuries may result from accidents, poor training practices, use of improper protective gear, lack of conditioning, and insufficient warm-up and stretching.

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Fracture Care

A fracture may be complete or partial and is commonly caused by trauma due to a fall, motor vehicle accident or sports injury. Thinning of the bone due to osteoporosis in the elderly can also cause bones to break easily. Overuse injuries are a common cause of stress fractures in athletes.

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Arthritis is inflammation in the joint resulting from the degeneration of cartilage causing joint pain, swelling, and stiffness resulting in restricted movements. Arthritis of the foot and ankle joint can occur due to fractures, dislocation, inflammatory disease, or congenital deformity.

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Deformity Correction

Foot and Ankle deformity correction is the repair of the abnormality by restoring the normal alignment of the bones in the foot & ankle, surgically or non-surgically.

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Publications and Presentations
  • Sangeorzan A, Sangeorzan B. “Subtalar Joint Biomechanics: From Normal to Pathologic.” Foot and Ankle Clin. 2018 Sep; 23(3):341-352.

  • Sangeorzan, A. Haruff R. “Social risk factors for prolonged time of discovery since death in the greater Seattle area. A retrospective review.” King County Medical Examiner’s Office: Monthly Morbidity and Mortality Conference. June, 2004.

  • Sangeorzan, A. Hansen ST. Brage, M. Sangeorzan, B. “Quantifying outcomes of ankle arthrodesis using patient reported outcome measures.” University of Washington: Resident Research Day. June, 2018.

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