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    Due to an accident on a Sunday, I ruptured the tendons from the patella to the Quad muscles.

    I was fortunate that Dr Sangorzan was on call that day. Diagnoses at ER clearly recognized the rupture.

    Dr. Sangeorzan scheduled an office appointment the following Monday.

    ~ Strat Plan ~

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    When I broke/dislocated my ankle on 01/16/2021, I was faced with a dilemma - wait for a surgical consult from my hospital (upwards of 1 week), or ask around and see if I could get in quickly.

    I settled on OPAOrtho and Dr. Adam. I am not sorry that I did.

    Meeting Dr Adam...

    ~ The Smiths ~

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    Broke a clavicle while snowboarding and was recommended to Dr Adam and he was amazing with his approach to things. I got surgery done and it went smooth. His office is very helpful with making appointments and follow ups were quick and easy. Highly recommended!!!

    ~ TJ singh ~

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    Dr. Sangeorzan is amazing! Over a year ago I fell and broke my tibia and had surgery in another country, I continued to have a lot of pain when walking and driving so I went to a hospital where I was given a bone growth stimulator (which I am still paying for) comes out I didn’t even need it. I th...

    ~ Isela Farfan ~

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    My experience with Dr. Sangeorzan at OPA was fantastic, and I wholeheartedly recommend him.

    I broke my ankle and visited a different orthopedic surgeon that the ER recommended. That surgeon, unlike Dr. Sangeorzan. was curt, dismissive of my concerns and scheduled me for surgery even after d...

    ~ Carolyn Billings ~

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    I was treated by Dr. Sangeorzan after a mountain bike accident fractured my collarbone and 3 ribs; I landed at the Swedish ER and Dr Sangeorzan was my surgeon after I was admitted. He and his staff were fantastic, they were patient with my questions discussing treatment plans prior to surgery. Po...

    ~ Erick Timmerman ~

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    I am writing on behalf of my husband. We've been married 48 years and I have never heard him sing a Dr's praises before. Dr. Adam, along with his staff have been a godsent. Our first experience came because my husband's ankle was trashed. Ankle replacements were new but the Dr. was confident it's wh...

    ~ Kathy ~

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